Drip of Lies - Failure LP

Heavy, dark, melodic hardcore crust. Founded in Warsaw in 2008. Support d.i.y ,vegetarian/vegan lifestyle and antifascism.

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Hailing from Warsaw / Poland, DRIP OF LIES deliver with 'failure' a really outstanding debut LP. Matured songstructures - a driving drumming forms the fundament. Thought-out, catchy melodies merge with powerful and harsh guitar-riffs. The bass lines have a very good sense for hidden melodies. All this is framed by the desperate, yet aggressive vocals.This is a truely epic! 'Epic' in a sense, that is absolutly not contrived and insincere (like so many bands nowadays), but full of passion and energy. If you are into heavy dark hardcore, which has its roots in crust and dig bands like alpinist and from ashes rise are or even wolfbrigade and tragedy, you will definetly be blown away by this massive assault of smoldering hardcore songs.